Off the Deep End

          For me, one of the most delicious parts of summer is enjoying the outdoors poolside. As a native Arizonan, I can’t help but soak up as many moments of fun in the sun as I can!  It’s 114 degrees today; thus, there is no rational reason to go outside unless it is to get in the water. Weekly, our After the Bell summer day camp embarks on a trip to a local pool. This place is impressive. Chock full of exciting features like a playground, water slides, and a chance to soak the lazy river floaters. It makes my afterschool program director heart happy to see flashes of red and white-attired lifeguards stationed every 15 feet or so, confirming that our kiddos are safely swimming.
          A recent water park trip gave me reason to pause and reflect. One of my rosy-cheeked cherubs ran up to me for in search of moral support.  You see, she had never before jumped off of the diving board and that nine year-old was practically itching to take the plunge.  I proudly puffed out my chest and regaled her with stories of my diving class days. “That’s right, little lady, this 30-something once had a mean back dive and a wicked front flip!” I couldn’t wait to see her conquer her fear and to be a part of this milestone for her but we were scheduled to leave soon. We had just enough time for her to conquer her fears. As we neared her turn, her eyes began to grow larger. She could hardly bring herself to climb the ladder. She paused at the top momentarily only to climb back down again. We repeated this process over and over for the next few minutes. Pep talk, climb up, climb down, get back in line. The poor girl wanted to take the plunge so badly but just couldn’t work up the courage. Sadly, we left the park that day and her feet had never left the ground.
          Have you been there? Knowing that there is something calling to you that will require every ounce of bravery that you can muster.  Have you feeling crippled by fear as you approach that next big step. Life is series of drawing on the strength that God has for us and facing our fears. It takes courage.
          The next week, the same girl found me again, this time her face was beaming. She had done it. With no audience and an extra ounce of courage, she had jumped off the deep end!! We celebrated with a happy dance and then she jumped again and again and again.
          As I reflect on that day, I can’t help ask myself: how have I been courageous recently? And how do I need to take courage in this season? When I’m in need of some encouragement (Yes, it has the word courage in it. How cool is that?), I have specific passages of the Bible memorized that I lean on. In both Deuteronomy and Joshua, God says, “Be strong and courageous!” Why? Because God is with us wherever we go! In Philippians it says that you “can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.” I challenge you to take an inventory as well. Recently, where have you shown courage in the big or even the small things? And in this season of your life, where do you need to be courageous some more? I dare to jump off the deep end with me, whatever that might mean for you. You won’t regret it!


August Birthdays at CCC

We want to wish all of these special people a very Happy Birthday in the month of August!
We hope you enjoy your special day!

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Abigail Power


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Leah Andersen

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Carolyn Smith


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Gary Belanus

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August Anniversaries at CCC

Congratulations to these couples celebrating another year of marriage!

August 4


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August 21

Jack and Merry Hill


Susan and Wayne Wahrendorf


Linda and Jerry Dykstra

Tom and Jan Schultz


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Rosemary and Gary Schwartz

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Kurt and Jeana Kuck


Geoff and Randi Bock

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Diane and Randy Wieland


Restoration Team Corner

In early June, Pastor Randy’s message was about the “Restoration Plan.”

  1. Something is wrong (Romans 8:20-21).
  2. The cause is sin (Romans 6:16).
  3. The remedy is Jesus (Ephesians 1:7).
  4. The old has gone, and the new has now come (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  5. The restored help, then restore (2 Corinthians 5:19).
Therefore, we are Christ’s Ambassadors:  our purpose, our job.
Job Description: love people; build relationships; share our story; & invite others to join us Disclaimer: This ‘corner’ is to be a CCCAZ family activity by suggesting simple & creative, personal ways we share our faith with others (i.e. Words as well as actions). By The Way (BTW), this is “Organic Outreach.”
One way to begin: During a camp challenge, a rather quiet CCCAZ teen agreed to offer up a prayer with restaurant wait staff whenever he & his family were out for a meal. The teen agreed to do this for a specific period of time. Result: this became a habit!!
Imagine… waiter Mike presents at the table, leaves menu. When he returns to take the order, me the Jesus follower says to Mike, “Our family always prays before we eat. Is there something or someone we can pray for for you?” Now Mike may say, “No thank you”, or he may say, “Thanks, my dad was just diagnosed with…” or “Thanks, my wife just had our first baby, and we are so thrilled”.
Easy, isn’t it? Okay, now email or text me something you have done or want to do…
I’ll be waiting to hear from you!
Jeri Cornwell
Organic Outreach Coordinator