Missions Update

The Board of Deacons wish to share updates from missionaries and organizations we support financially and with volunteers throughout the year. They have identified three categories of mission support: Local, Regional and Global. To find out more you can go to www.cccaz.org/thunderbird-mission-opportunities. We try to share this information in a timely manner as it arrives and coincides with newsletter publication.
Earth Day is April 22nd. This is a day that has been promoted for many, many years trying to bring to light issues facing our world.  In honor of that I looked up ways to recycle. Take a 2 liter bottle and cut it in half. Puncture a few holes near the top of the bottle and turn it upside down and put it into the bottom half.  Fill the bottle you turned upside down with potting soil and add some seeds to make a self- starting planter. Take a one gallon plastic jug and cut out part of the side, big enough for a bird to get in. Put bird seed in it and set it out for the birds.   One person took old lightbulbs and decorated them to look like hot air balloons; very ornate. One person took old boots, made a base (I’m sure with wood) that looked like legs and covered it with jeans to look like legs and placed a top on them covered with more jeans and made a footstool. It really is cute. Need more ideas? Look up recycling ideas on the internet. It’s wonderful to see all the creative ideas people are coming up with to recycle. We need to do everything we can to keep things out of our landfills. Once again every little bit helps.

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