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I have been reading a book by Peyton Jones called, “Reaching the Unreached, Becoming Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Now if the title does not catch your attention (all you Indiana Jones fans out there) then maybe the idea of reaching the unreached will.

The book focuses on Acts 1:7-8 a the challenge of being the church to the unchurched. When it comes to spiritual gifts here is what he has to say.

When the (spiritual) gifts get stuck within the church’s walls, they lack the outlet they were intended for. The gifts were intended for what happens outside the four walls of the church. The beauty of Acts 1:8 was that Pentacost was the catalytic event, but the process was intended to repeat in the epoch of every age until we hit the ends of the earth. The ripple effects continued beyond the big meeting, and into the rest of the week, month, year, decade, century, down through millennia, until today. We denude that power of being his witnesses when we imagine spiritual gifts are intended for Sunday, they’re in integral part of who we are.
So what are we to do with that? We must recognize that God has called us to live out what we say we believe where he has placed us. CCC is a mission outpost, not a destination. It is a place we “go from” not “go to” and the energy of our spiritual gifts is ignited and unleashed when we go out and are reaching those who do not know Jesus yet. This does not mean standing on street corner shouting “The end is coming!” It does mean that there are people God has placed in our sphere of influence, family member, co-worker, neighbor etc. that we should be intentional about developing relationships with so that they can see Jesus in us…if we are living what we say we believe.

Make a commitment to focus your attention outward. Come regularly to Sunday services and small groups to get refreshed so you can go out into the world and be an amazing ambassador for Jesus.

Together in Christ,
Pastor Fred

A Journey to Somewhere or Nowhere

All of us are on a journey. You could say that it begins the day we are born. There are no two identical journeys. All of our travels take different paths and directions. Some paths we take are by our choice and some well…not so much by our choices.
We enter this world on a “worldly” path. If we stay on this path, it will lead to nowhere. But that does not have to be. Hopefully, at some point, we are introduced to the person of Jesus and we accept his invitation for a new life. This begins us on a “spiritual” journey. We don’t leave the worldly journey behind, but hopefully, the spiritual journey takes on more and more prominence in our overall lives. The spiritual journey begins to influence the earthly journey we are on AND the people we meet on that journey. Our spiritual journey becomes a life-long path that leads somewhere – to eternal life with Jesus.
Here at CCC, we want to enter into the journey you are on and help be your “spiritual guide” as you navigate what it means to be a Christ follower. We do this through our worship services, providing opportunities for serving here and in the world, growing in groups and leading according to our gifts and abilities whether in the church or where God has placed us in the world.
We need all of those elements to grow as a Christ follower and our responsibility as church leaders is to challenge you, to equip you to do his work and build up the church (Ephesians 4:12). So please don’t be surprised when we continually nudge you to move beyond where you currently are. To go deeper and take more responsibility for your growth as a Christ follower. That is what we are all called to do.
As we enter into another round of small group sign-up opportunities, I challenge you to get into a small group. It could be an activity group where you can begin branching out an meeting others. If you’re in a small group, I encourage you to take the next step and find one that challenges you to go deeper. Our groups begin the week of March 17 and you can see what is available by going to If you don’t see something you like, consider starting a group yourself. Just come talk to me.
Together in Christ,
Pastor Fred

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  1. Doyle Bain says:

    Hey Partner, Been thinking about getting the study on Corinthians going again. After I had the heart attack, and then all the waterfall of problems with Janice, I’m just now starting to get on top of things again. If you can spare a few minutes, let’s talk and see what you think about that.

    Luv you my brother.

  2. Sharon McQueary says:


    Nice article. I meant to tell you how much I liked the Connect Group flyer and the format. Well done!


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